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Budget Friendly Disney Shirts and Mickey Pirate Hat

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I'm like every other mom out there. I want to give my children everything their little hearts desire. I will admit that if I had the money to do it they would probably be spoiled rotten. But since I don't have the money to do it I improvise, A LOT. I am always looking for ways to create new things on a budget. I have found that a little bit of creativity can go a long way.
I wanted my children and nieces to have some fun shirts to wear to Disneyland but I didn't want to spend a lot. I was so excited to find that our Dollar Store has a great selection of T-Shirts. They are actually name brand shirts like Hanes, Fruit of the Loom and I even found a Disney brand shirt. I purchased 4 of them and came home determined to create some fabulous shirts for these adorable kiddos. I originally wanted to do freezer paper stenciling but they didn't have any at our local grocery store so I decided to go through my felt stash and see what I could come up with. I searched the internet for ideas and this is what I came up with.......

Pirate Mickey Mouse for my son, Kaleb. Using this image as my inspiration I created this adorable shirt that he absolutely LOVES! I drew out my own Mickey pattern, cut it out of black felt and sewed it onto the shirt. I then cut out the pirate hat from red felt and sewed it on. I completed it with a gold button and even pierced Mickey's ear, making him one of the toughest pirates around.

Next was a Minnie Mouse shirt for my daughter, Andie. I again searched the Internet and found this image to inspire me. I had a terrible time cutting out the small polk-a-dots so I decided to use buttons. I sewed them onto the pink felt first, then sewed on a Minnie Head, which was actually the same pattern for the Mickey head. Then I sewed on the bow and other pink felt and it was done!

(Isn't my little model precious!?)

Next is a shirt for my sweet niece Kaitlyn. I have always called her "Princess". I found an amazing tutorial for this adorable Cinderella shirt on Honey Scrap. She made it for her daughter to wear to Disneyland as well. I made mine a little differently than she did but still love the way it turned out.

Next is a shirt for my niece Kylie who loves Winnie The Pooh. I used this picture to again cut the outline from felt. I sewed it to the shirt and then sewed the butterfly, or as Pooh would say "flutterby", by hand and sewed it to his nose using my sewing machine.

The best part about this whole project is that I only spent a total of $4! That is such a huge savings compared to how much they would have cost to purchase at Disneyland.

Our Disneyland trip would not be complete without some Minnie Mouse and Mickey Mouse ears for my kids to wear. I considered buying some while we were at the Disney Store in the mall a couple weeks ago but just couldn't let myself pay $15 each for them. I kept telling myself "They are cute, but not THAT cute." So I came home and searched the Internet again to come up with some ideas. And of course! One of my favorite bloggers came through for me again and she had just posted a tutorial to make Minnie Mouse Ears! So, I got to work and had these finished in about 20 minutes without spending a dime! Head over to Honey Scrap and check out the awesome tutorial.

Isn't she the cutest Minnie Mouse you've ever seen!?

Next I needed to come up with an idea for Mickey Mouse ears for Kaleb. Since his shirt has Pirate Mickey on it I wanted to make him some sort of pirate hat. I have had a few bandannas in my fabric pile for years so I thought this would be a perfect time to finally put one to use. I made the ears using the same method as in the tutorial above. I cut out 4 round pieces of felt and cut out 2 circles from a cereal box. I placed the cardboard pieces between 2 pieces of felt, then sewed around the outer edges of the felt to create the ear.

Next I put the bandanna on his head to decide where the ears would go. I made a mark where I wanted them. I cut along one edge of the bandanna where it would go across his forehead and sewed a seem across. I also cut the opposite corner up towards the center and sewed seems to create ties for the back of the bandanna. After that I sewed the ears on where I had made my marks. I was concerned that they wouldn't stand up but once I put it on his head they stood up perfectly. Again this project only took about 20 minutes and didn't cost me anything!

"Yo ho, yo ho, a Pirate's life for Kaleb!"

My mother-in-law insists that we'll have the best dressed kids at Disneyland and I think I have to agree with her!

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Thanks for those budget friendly Disney shirt and hat ideas!!!!

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  1. So much cuter then the shirts at the store. And so much more budget friendly. Very cool.

  2. Thank you sooooo much for featuring my ideas!!! I am loving Disney Days. Hope you are enjoying your vacation.

  3. These are all great. My fav is Cinderella. Too cute!


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