Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Vintage Revival's Stellar Projects (All four)

The Crafting With the Stars contest is now over. If you followed along, you know the amazing projects that were spotted over at Sew Dang Cute Crafts (the contest host). My partner, Naptime Crafters, did amazing, but was voted out after the 3 round. Mandi at Vintage Revival was the winner/queen and I am showing her jaw-dropping projects with links below.
If you don't have a fireplace in your home (or apartment), no worries. Vintage Revival will show you how to make a faux mantle from cabinet doors, a pallet and some scrap wood.
Is this bedroom from a magazine? No, it is Vintage Revival's daughter's bedroom and the bedding is made from scraps. Makes me jealous that I don't have any talent like this!!!
I have wall envy over this desk, set of mirrors and chandelier. It's too cute to be real. BUT, it is real. You can read the tutorials about the redoing the desk HERE and the acid-aged mirrors HERE.

This Anthro teapot lamp knock-off just about knocked my socks off! It's beautiful! It looks 10 times better than what is in the Anthro catalog. Move over Anthro designers. Mandi is moving in!!!

If you can't tell why Vintage Revival won this competition, we need to have a little chat. She is a genius and crafting goddess. I'm proud to say I found her blog a couple of months ago and named her "A BLOG TO WATCH" because I could tell she had the potential to make waves in the blogging community. You might as well go over to her blog and "follow" her. Expect more from the powerhouse blogger, Mandi at Vintage Revival.
I'm sure she has much more up her sleeve!

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  1. I loved all of Mandi's projects. I loved the bedding set too- I am wishing I had scraps like that! I need to get hoarding some fabric. ;)


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