Thursday, February 3, 2011

Craft Goodies and Well Good!

Let me introduce to you one of my favorite etsy shops, Well Good.

I like this shop so much, I contacted her and asked if I could advertise for her!!! Wendy, who blogs at Craft Goodies, and runs Well Good creates the CUTEST craft kits ever!!!! She comes up with the patterns, cuts the wood and sends it to you and you get the fun of finishing it how you want!!!


The best part: the prices are SO INEXPENSIVE!!!! I've seen quite a few craft kit businesses and this, by far, has the most reasonable prices!!!

Almost every month, there is a Word of the Month kit and a Block Head kit made out of a 2x4.


The next Word of the Month is SPRING! I want this for my house!!! I absolutely love those bird legs!!!

And the Block Head is the cute little bunny! (You can get the flowers too.)

I got this for my kids for their upcoming Valentine's present! It is an unfinished
wood sandwich kit to go in their kitchen. There is a cookie kit too! You can find this at Land of Nod or Melissa and Doug...for a much higher price!

I'm also in love with this Bakers Delight Set - A cupcake apron, 6 felt cookies and 4 felt sweet rolls. Or you can by them separately too!

This is one of the
February Word of the Months that is still available. Buy it today and have it decorate your home before Valentines.

January's kit is still available too. This
Frosty is perfect to last all winter!

I'm so glad there is still this Christmas set listed in her shop!
Joy, including the bell, is one of my favorite decorations at my house during December.

And she still has some darling Block Heads left over from the holidays. Buy them now and have them ready for next year! This
reindeer is adorable!

Turkey is what started my love affair with this shop. Isn't he cute? I think there are just a few of these left to buy!

Basically, these wood craft kits are the bomb! The directions are clear and easy and you get to decorate how you want! Super Saturdays, craft clubs, girls' nights out, family weekends, reunions, girls' camps or just for you to do by yourself, Well Good is your shop. She can handle large orders and ships in a timely manner. If you aren't an etsy users, I'm sure if you contact Wendy via her blog, she can help you out!
Check back monthly to see what is new at Well Good and follow the corresponding blog, Craft Goodies, to keep updated on the craft kits and other amazing crafts!!!

You will be happy to see all the amazing creations she dreams up!

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  1. I have been eyeing her stuff for awhile now! I love it all! I have 'hearted' her on Etsy and everything! I might just have to get the Spring one... SO CUTE!!! Thanks for linking her blog, heading over there to follow it!


  2. Hahaha! Great Minds think alike. I'm part of Wendy's Valetines Re-Vamp and actually WON the Baker's Delight set she had for a giveaway before Christmas. I won and it was my daughter's presents. I contacted her and offered to review what I won since I love her creativity SO much. I too have a review of her at :)


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