Saturday, February 26, 2011

Two Great Opportunities and a Must Read

Hurry over to Groop Dealz to get some inexpensive chalkboard vinyl decals. Perfect for labeling everything throughout your house! AND these would make great gifts also.
See this Groop Deal.
How cute is that cupcake bag? VERY CUTE! My daughter would love to carry that around!

ANd these quilted stockings are just so beautiful! So much better than the stockings I bought at the dollar store a couple of years ago that are falling apart.
The good news about both of the above items can be won in a giveaway at Deck The Halls Of Home With Joy along with 2 other incredibly cute items you must see. All you have to do it leave a comment with your favorite season. I'm trying to decide which one I would want most!
Visit Deck The Halls to enter the "Seasons of Giving" giveaway and snoop around.

Here We Are Together
This post at "Here We Are Together" is a good read. It reminds me about bloggers and their "real" lives! Go read this over to think about what we are thinking and saying to other people's blogs we read.

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  1. Thanks for posting this! I've been looking for chalkboard decals, and this deal is perfect because I have four kids!


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