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Guest Blogger - The Diary of DavesWife - Bowtie Pillow

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It's NOT what you think!

But today I am very excited to share with you My latest Tutorial.

Here is what you are going to need:

I started with a 12" Square Pillow I had made.

You can make this bowtie for any size pillow, you will just need to adjust the measurements.

First take your 2 sheets of felt

and Fold One sheet in half.

And with the second sheet cut 3 strips

{2} 12"long x 1.5" wide
{1} 6"long x 1.5" wide

They should look like this:

Next take your folded full sheet and

Hot Glue the edges down.

You COULD also sew this as well. Which ever way you prefer!

For me, the glue gun was faster.

Once the glue is dry, take and pinch the rectangle in the middle to make your bow.

And then bring the top edge and bottom edge to the middle.

Next take your smallest strip,

(it should be 1.5" x 6")

And wrap it around the center of your bow.

Apply another line of hot glue

And wrap the strip all the way around the middle of your bow.

Next take your last 2 strips that measure

12"x1.5" and glue them to the back of the bow.

Once you have applied both strips, the backside of your bow should look like this:

Lastly, wrap your ties around the middle of your pillow

and glue your ends together on the back side.

So when you flip your pillow to the front it should look like this!

To keep your Bow from being floppy, hand stitch, with a needle & thread,

the four corners of the bow down to the actual pillow.

Then I paired it with a few others I had made.

Thanks for letting my share my Tutorial here today!

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Thanks, Kristy (Or DavesWife). I LOVE this pillow! You have quite the style! Now, I want a black, white and red accent room!!!!

The Diary of DavesWife

Head over to The Diary Of Dave'sWife to check out more amazing tutorials, recipes and stories! Kristy is just so easy to fall in love with.


  1. love the pillow, so so cute! And those heels!

  2. i am going to make the same for my drawing room .... fantastic share ... thank you for the sharew :)


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