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Guest Blogger - Bless - Reversible Bubble Pillowcase Dress

Hi Someday Crafts readers - Wow! Am I excited about being here today!!! I
love this blog and I can't really believe I get to guest blog here. A
little bit about myself, I am Tone from
Bless. I love to craft,
though I don't have the time I would like to craft. I am a full time
director of high school for adults, single mother of twin girls, age 6 and
season 7 winner at
SYTYC. (Proud of that

These are some of the types of projects you will find on my blog:

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Today I will show you how to make the perfect summer vacation dress - the
reversible, bubble, pillowcase dress. And it's perfect for vacation
because it's reversible - imagine being at a theme park or at the beach,
then you're headed for the restaurant to eat when you discover your little
darling is dirty. I have the solution - turn the dress inside out - and
head for the restaurant.

Step 1: You need two different prints fabric. Cut out front and back
pieces from both fabrics. You can use a raglan shirt as a pattern tracer,
or you can find multiple tutorials for pillow dresses on-line. I've made
this dress twice, and found out it looks a lot better if I cut the sides
on an angle - you can see it on the picture above.

You will now have four pieces - two front pieces and two back pieces.

Step 2: Sew side seams as if you were sewing two dresses.

Step 3: Put one dress inside the other - right sides together

Make sure the bottoms line up. And make sure the front pieces are facing
each other.

Step 4: Sew the bottoms together with elastic on your bobbin. Here
is a tutorial for how you do this. I sew one time around, maybe it
would be safer to sew two rounds?

Pulling the dresses from each other- it will now look like this.

Step 5: Put one dress into the other again, but now wrong sides

Step 6: Now you take the neck line on the front pieces and put the right
sides together - sew across. Twist the fabric back.The do the same for the
back neck line.

Step 7: Top stitch the neck lines - then sew a second seam a short inch
from the top - this is where the ribbon goes through. Do this both front
and back. I also made sure I folded the fabric in at the edges.

Step 8: Arm holes - fold the fabric in on both pieces and sew together -
you could also use bias tape here. Repeat on second arm hole.

Step 9: Pull ribbon through the front and back pieces. And you're done.

Two for one dress.

My girls are sporting the two different sizes - the size is so easy to

Michelle, thank you so much for having me - this was so much fun.

And if you decide to come for a visit over to my blog today, you'll find a
tutorial for a different kind of reversible, two for one kind of

Hope you found this useful.

Be blessed, Tone

Bless, by Tone

THANKS, TONE! I love pillowcase dresses and these are especially adorable! Head over to Bless to see more fantastic projects!


  1. Very creative and cute. I've gotten a little bored with the same old pillowcase dress, but I think I'll have to give this one a try.

  2. These are so great! I've been wanting to make one for my daughter, and these are probably the cutest pillowcase dresses I have seen. Thanks for sharing

  3. Just a quick note to let you know that a link to this post will be placed on CraftCrave today [10 Jul 01:00am GMT]. Thanks, Maria


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