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Guest Blogger - Living A Radical Life - Garden Cloche

Hello! I'm Amy from

I am a wife of 13 years and I am the mother of two, Rori age 6 and Trent age 4.
In January, we began the amazing journey of adoption!

Our third child, a baby girl, from Ethiopia.

About a year ago, I entered the world of blogging, as a follower,
and Someday Crafts was my first stop!

Now a year later, here I am with my own blog, guest blogging for Michelle!
I am so excited to be here today!

Today, I am going to share with you

How to create a Garden Cloche


Folding Fence (Hardware store)
Needle nose pliers (I had mine on hand)
Wire Cutters (borrowed from the hubby)
Heavy gage wire (Hardware store)
Crystals (I picked mine up at Walmart in the jewelry making section)

FYI - There is enough fencing to make TWO cloche's.

The first step is to remove the section of fencing we need for this project.

We only need three sides,
so using some needle nose pliers,
pry apart the fencing.

Now you should have three sections of fencing.

Simply reattach the wire to the fence to create a triangle.

It should look like this.

Be sure to use your pliers to pinch the wire together
so the fencing doesn't come apart.

The next step requires you putting a little muscle into it.
To get your triangle shaped into a circle.

I used my feet to push and pull and my arms to smoosh it into shape.

It should look about like this when you are done.

Next I bent the top pieces into the middle
and squeezed the wire to a bit of a point.

Using some heavy gage wire, which you can find at your local hardware store,
I wrapped the wire around the three points to hold them together.

The needle nose pliers come in handy for this too,
they work great for bending and twisting the wire into place.

Using the heavy gage wire.
Cut sections of the wire and attach to the top of the cloche,
filling in the open spaces.

This creates more of a finished look.

Now for the fun part

Making your CLOCHE pretty!

Using the heavy gage wire and your needle nose pliers,
twist the end of a 4-5" piece of wire.

Slide a crystal onto the wire and attach to the top of the cloche.

This creates the finial.

Again, using your heavy gage wire, cut a section of wire,
make it long enough to secure at the top and bottom of the side of the cloche.

Twist the wire, above and below the crystal, so the crystal stays in place.

Now secure the section of wire to the side of your cloche.
I added 6, wire and crystal sections, to the side of my cloche.

The prongs help hold your cloche in place.

Now, place it in your flower pot or in the ground, over a plant.

I made two!

They are a lovely addition to our patio!

I love making everyday things more fancy!

Be sure to check out

Living A Radical Life

for more fun ideas for you and your home!

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THANKS, AMY!!!! That garden cloche is radical. I've never seen one before, but it definitely makes a flower planter more beautiful!!! Love it!

Head over to Living A Radical Life to see more exciting and gorgeous ideas!!!!


  1. Great idea! They turned out beautiful!

  2. Thank you SO MUCH Michelle for having me today! I am soooo happy to be here!

  3. Just a quick note to let you know that a link to this post will be placed on CraftCrave today [19 Jul 01:00am GMT]. Thanks, Maria


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