Friday, July 1, 2011

Guest Blogger - Running With Glitter - Water Balloon Flip Flops and Barrette

Hello, Someday Crafts readers. I'm very honored to be here today. It's like Christmas morning that I get to be a guest here! My name is Kelly, and I write a fun little DIY blog called Running With Glitter.

Running With Glitter

I'm a mommy to two littles and a wife to one cool CPA. I try to include my children in my crafting as much as possible. So you will find lots of family friendly recipes and projects over at my blog.

This is me and my daughter Aubrey Rose.{you would never know that she was a micro preemie born at 26 weeks!} She was the inspiration for the name of my blog. We were making Christmas ornaments and she ran thru the house with a glitter shaker. It went everywhere. I said in my mommy voice.. "No running with glitter" It cracked us both up. I don't mind a little glitter on my floor as long as fun is had. And my son, Adrian, usually has sparkles on his forehead from glittery mommy lipgloss kisses. I don't mind that either. Sparkles on the floor, sparkles on the skin, sparkles of happiness in our hearts....

The following are three of my favorite projects!

Boo Boo Box Tutorial

Butterfly Garland

Glass Marble Beauties

Summer is in full force, and it's time to head to the pool.
Today I'm going to share with you how to up-do a plain pair of
little girl flip flops and make them full of summer fun

Whats more fun than water balloons? Water balloons on your shoes!!

Here is how you can make these .....

  1. Supplies Needed: Water balloons and flip flops. I found both at Target. Total cost $3.50

  2. You need a total of 5 balloons per group. Stack 4 balloons on top of each other, ends facing opposite direction.

  3. Time to attach these guys to your shoes. Take your 5th balloon {mine is the yellow balloon in the picture} and use it to tie your stack of 4 balloons to the flip flop. This can be a bit tricky, but after doing it a couple of times, you'll be a pro. If it becomes too tricky to tie with the balloon, you could always use a strong string or something similar.

  4. I tied 4 stacks of balloons to each side, a pinky finger tip width apart. So a total of 80 water balloons per shoe. There you have it. A super fun pair of flip flops that just screams summer!

    Wait there is one more thing.. You need a matching hair bow to match your shoes, right?!

  1. Remove metal prong from center of clip. Stack your balloons together.

  2. Tie the sets of balloons to your hair clip just like you did on your flip flops

  3. Re-insert the metal clip. Turn over and make adjustments to even out the balloons as necessary

  4. Tada! Done! Was that quick and easy or what!

    Thank you again for letting me share today.

  5. If you would like to see more of my projects, you can check out my my Tutorial Page Here. There are lots of goodies there. I hope that you will drop by the Glitter Blog sometime and visit.

  6. Running With Glitter

    Mom said don't run with scissors.... but she did not mention glitter!

KELLY, Thanks for that fun, easy tutorial. My daughter (and son) would love some flip flops made with balloons! I love your writing style too! Hop over to Run With Glitter to check out more of Kelly's cuteness!


  1. How creative and colorful! :) perfect for summer!!

  2. Cute cute cute! I want those flip flops!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)


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