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Guest Blogger - The Letter 4 - Muppets Puppet Theater

Oh ya! Let me just bask in the spotlight for a second, I can't believe I get to guest post on Someday Crafts! A huge thank you to Michelle for letting me take over her blog today! I feel so honored.

I am Jamie from The Letter 4. This little sister blog started 2 months ago and it has been a rush ever since. I decided it wasn't enough to brag about my sister's genius to all my friends, I convinced my sisters to start a blog with me so we could share all of our ideas with anyone who decided to stop by! I am not exaggerating when I say that there is literally something for everybody in this blog, and we're just getting started!
Janae is our amazing photographer and hairstyle guru. Her tutorial on a modern way of wearing a scarf in your hair was a huge hit!!

Jade is our chef. She is AMAZING! She did a whole white fight series on what you could use instead of white flour, white rice, ect. And these Quinoa Stuffed Peppers were a favorite!


I am our printables gal. I recently gave out an organized grocery list printable and even show you how to make your own notepad with them! Hello organization!

Julianna is our writer, she gives out some fun random facts and is just starting some great book reviews!
Now on to the tutorial of the day...

My family is kind of insanely obsessed with the Muppets. Maybe it's their witty comedy or maybe it's the fact that every family member correlates with one of the personalities of the Muppet's. Either way, they are the funniest things ever. My daughter has had a plush Kermit doll since she was born and is turning 1 in October and the theme was just too obvious. Muppets, of course!

I searched for hours for good ideas on a (girly) Muppet themed party. Really... there is nothing, so I have collaborated with Michelle from Our Wonderfilled Life (she does amazing idea boards for parties!) and we are putting together the best Muppet bash you could think of! Check out my daughters Muppet Theater!

I'm positive this is the most awesome thing I have ever made in my life. It's awesome for several reasons:

1. It goes perfectly for decor for her birthday theme.
2. It will also be one of her birthday gifts. I'm sure she will have fun with till she is 5+.
3. It's a perfect photo opp...I mean just look at this...

When I first got the idea, I thought, "there is no way I have time to make that." 3 days people. And all together it really only took me maybe 2 hours. If that. This is super simple.

1. Get yourself a cardboard box. Whatever size you think you can handle. Get the kiddos involved!
2. Slap on the paint. It will take a few layers.
3. Cut out a square in the middle for your stage area.
4. I took the cardboard cut out from step 3 and glued it right above the cut out area. Then I projected the words "Sabrina's Muppet theater" onto the box and painted it with metallic gold paint. I also painted just a few simple details like the gold pillars and the theater seats.
5. Add some cute details! I glued scrapbooking paper that looked like wood to the inside and hung some paper clouds from the top with thread.
6. Cut out a strip at the bottom to put your hands through to maneuver the puppets. I also cut a hole in the top so I could see what I was doing.
7. Break out some sock or felt puppets and put on a show!

OR! I have made these hilarious Muppet printables that you can cut out and tape to popsicle sticks that will be available to download on our blog in the next week or so! You will be able to download Kermit, Animal, Fozzie, Miss Piggy, Gonzo, and Beaker! If that doesn't convince you that you need to have a Muppet themed birthday party, I don't know what will! But if you still need convincing, I already have a Muppet invitation I have shared on our blog and I have many more Muppet themed ideas to come that I will share before my daughters birthday in October!

Hope you enjoyed our tutorial and thank you again to Michelle, you are so so sweet!

Thanks, The Letter 4 ladies.  Y'all are very talented.  I noticed your blog link-ups when you first started and thought, "This group is going to make it BIG."  And I still believe that The Letter 4 will be a blog in everyone's reader in the next few months.   This Muppet show idea is darling and that birthday party will be so fun!
Visit The Letter 4 ladies and leave them some love today!


  1. THIS TURNED OUT AWESOME! I so wish I could be there for the party and of course I am dying because I'm going to miss the muppet show!! But i will be sending something your way for the party! ;) Thanks for letting us guest blog, Someday! -xoxo Jade

  2. Thanks so much again! You are amazing!

  3. What! They've only been blogging for two months??!!!!

  4. Jamie, it turned out sooo adorable!! It's been so fun working on some fun ideas for Sabrina's party! Love what Michelle said about the Letter 4 girls, so true!! :)


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