Saturday, August 27, 2011

Paint Your Furniture (2 Different Ways)

The vibrant color of this teal blue chair rocks! I wish I could find some awesome fabric like it OR I could just paint it this color like Hypen Interiors did! Yeah, she painted it with a brush and roller!

You are not going to believe this one either! This beautiful sofa used to be navy blue. Was it reupholstered? Nope! Johnny In A Dress spray painted it. Super cool!

Learn how to spray paint a sofa.


  1. I painted my sofa matching chair years ago after my oldest daughter decided to write her name in ink all over my white vinyl sofa! So, I spray painted them black. Worked for me!

  2. Thanks so much for featuring my chair! I love that sofa. What a great idea for changing the color of vinyl!

  3. FYI: If all haven't checked out Martha Stewarts new paint line, you should. Her new paints come in 160 colors and 4 different sheens. She claims it to be good for almost any surface AND she has a device that turns her liquid paint into a spray paint.

    I'm not a fan of HER personally but I have to say that the woman gives good product.

    Oh last thing, I saw that teal color last night at Michaels.

    Ooops, really last thing, lol. She also has a new line of stencils out. I believe I saw that pillow pattern.

    Shutting up before you think I work for the wicked witch.

  4. Thanks for featuring my Spray Painted Sofa!!! Yay!!! Have a great week!


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