Thursday, September 15, 2011

Guest Blogger - Frugalicious Me - Beautiful Upcycled Tins

Def: Fru*ga*li*cious-adjective

1. To live economically, yet deliciously fabulous!

I'm not braggin', I'm just sayin'....I am your guest blogger today at Someday Crafts and I could not be more thrilled! I mean really, does it get better than this? I LOVE Someday Crafts! It is my go-to blog for inspiration and ideas and blog parties!

So, here I am, Frugalicious Me, sailing through the French Rivera! Well not really, it's the Newport Beach Harbor, but a Frugalicious girl's got to dream, right? My name is Tasha and I am a wife and mother of 3. My home is filled with 4 (I'm chopped liver at my house) of THE MOST talented and artistic people I know. There is always paint, paper, canvases, & pencils, everywhere and I LOVE it!

But enough about them already, this day is really all about me! So, about me... I have great taste, just ask me. I also live on a budget like most but the combination of the two don't stop me! I created Frugalicious Me to inspire and encourage other women to embrace a creative and beauty filled home and life, while not breaking the bank. With a little savviness and ingenuity, you can live the luxe life, Frugaliciously, of course!

Here is a Frugalcious idea to upcycle any type
of container you'd like using fabric or paper scraps.

I used these great tins that my usual dishwasher detergent has been coming in. I knew I could not possibly just throw it away and imagine my thrill when I went back for more detergent and they still had the tins!!! You could use any type or size of containers for this project! The sky's the limit! I used fabric, but you could also use paper, however, keep in mind, that you may use your tins with water, and the fabric is more forgiving.

DIY Chandelier Crystal Necklaces

Upcycled Twine Wrapped Bottles

Jar Lanterns

Thanks to Michelle and her tech guru Kim for letting me host today at here at Someday Crafts! I had the time of my blog-life! I'd love for you to stop by and visit Frugalicious Me for more frugalicious & fabulous ideas and insiprations!

THANKS, Tasha for showing us how to turn something we would probably throw away into something beautiful and frugalicious. I love that word and will start using it in my vocabulary! Stop by Frugalicious Me today!

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  1. That yellow and turquoise color combination is beautiful!! and the twine wrapped jars are awesome too! Love it! Thanks for sharing :)


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