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Guest Blogger - Rummage Living - Greek Key Applique

Hi Someday Crafters! I'm Margaret from

The Rummage Living Blog

Rummage Living

and I am beyond excited to be guest posting today!

I am obsessed with the Greek Key design. I think it adds just the right amount of pattern and posh into any space, and onto any surface. When I discovered this little method, I was trying to find a way to incorporate Greek key to my home on a budget.

Enter: Grosgrain ribbon + Ikea on sale curtains = Um. Yes.

This project is actually really easy. I did my applique on curtains but you can tailor (no pun intended!) this to literally, anything- pillows, tablecloths, shams & bedskirt (yum), whatever! You'll need about 2.5 rolls of ribbon (I based this in 12 ft per roll) per panel, depending on how tall they are. You'll make the actual design in two parts. The key is making sure you have have enough ribbon left on your roll to run all the way up the length/width of the curtain. This will make sense in a second. See? Up and over.

The general setup is: The "inside" vertical of the squares will be one continuous line and the top horizontal portion of the squares will be one continuous line and attach the squares. The only corner you'll need to make from 2 cut pieces will be the outside bottom corner of the squares. With me?

The way to make the corners is actually pretty easy. Fabric glue makes a great seam until you sew the applique on. Take the ends so they cross perpendicularly over each other forming a 90 degree angle.

Make a small mark on the inside and outside of that square formed.

Make a crease from the inside bottom of the square to the outside corner to serve as a guide for your fabric glue and apply a thin line of fabric glue (yes, its okay that it's on the side of the ribbon you want to face out)

Then make the "right" side of your ribbons "kiss" so the creases line up.

Press so the glue holds- you can even apply heat from an iron if you have one handy. And gently peel back the top layer to reveal your lovely corner! I used two 6'' pieces, knowing that about an inch on each end would get used up by the seam. You'll also probably have a little extra peeking through that you can just trim.

So that was the bottom outside corner. Attach the other two corners in the exact same way, except you run the length of the ribbon either up the length or across the width.

I pinned the applique in place and then sewed it on for a more permanent bond.

See? If I can do this, you TOTALLY can. And how chic do they look?!

(Do you not love my desk chair. $30 at Goodwill, baby!)

(pssst...If you're a South Floridian, check out The Rummage Guide for my local thrift and consignment store reviews, from the Palm Beaches on down!)

Thanks so much for coming on this Greek Key adventure with me and SO many thanks to Michelle for letting me take over their AMAZING blog today! Stop by to see me at RummageLiving to see how I hung them in my rental dining room- turned- home office without curtain rods!

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Thanks, Margaret!!! I've always loved that design and never knew what it was called! Now I know! It does look fabulous! I'd love some pillows with the Greek Key design. Head over to Rummage Living to check out the other fabulous projects she has on her site!

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  1. Thank you SO much for hosting me! As a Someday Crafts fanatic I am so excited to be sharing my tutorial with everyone today!!



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