Friday, September 16, 2011

Velvet Pumpkins

I saw velvet pumpkins last year (the bottom picture) and fell in love. I had to highlight them again because they are so rich and beautiful! My favorite thing about both of these pictures (besides the velvet) is the real pumpkin stems! It combines whimsy and reality! DIY Craft Projects has a tutorial for these babies.

Learn how to make velvet pumpkins.


  1. I just saw some of these at a nearby home dec store yesterday for $35! They are beautiful.

  2. beautiful, going to go find some velvet!! quick hint about using rice as a weight, mice love rice as well as bird seed. Yes found this out the hard way, lost some bunnies my mom had made for me. We now always use sand or kitty litter put in baggies, you can get kitty litter sometimes at the dollar store! R'Chelle


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