Friday, October 21, 2011

Crafting For A Cause - Cards For Soldiers

Crafting for a Cause

Check out October and November's Crafting For A Cause at Ladybird Ln. 

Don't you appreciate the men and women who give up their time with their families to help keep peace in the world?   Who risk their lives everyday?  Whose kids go without seeing them for a year at a time?  For wives who raise kids by themselves while their husbands are out serving?  

I appreciate those in the military because I could never be in it or be married to a soldier.  The sacrifice is much too great.  

Take the time this month with you kids to send a Christmas card to a soldier.  Check it out HERE.


  1. I would like to appreciate you the way you have shared the post with us. It is really hard to find the quality post, but you have done this job nicely man.Cheap Postcards

  2. Thanks for supporting out troops!! As a USMC wife, I always appreciate it when bloggers take the time to thanks those that protect our freedoms even though that might not be what their blog is about...just another reason why I love your blog!!!

  3. Thanks for this thoughtful idea you're sharing with many people. I am a military wife and I know that when my husband goes on deployments...every little bit helps. When a class or a church group sends cards--boy do the people enjoy it over there (they enjoy goodies the most but the cards are great too!). Cards are such a nice, quick way of showing we care and appreciate what others do for us. Thanks for supporting!!!

  4. I promised myself last year that I would do this in 2011! I can't imagine how hard it would be to be away from family and friends during the holidays! Thank you for posting this! I look forward to participating!


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