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Guest Blogger - The Cards We Drew - Burlap Family Tree

Hello Someday Crafters! I'm Abbey, the voice behind

I'm an Ohio gal that starting blogging mid-pregnancy as a way to keep my friends and family across the country updated on my pregnancy. Eventually my little blog evolved from strictly a family blog into a family and crafting blog/place where I dish my thoughts about anything and everything that comes to mind--including the funny stories of mommyhood and chasing a toddler around! I'm finding my crafting and home decor identity little by little and with the help of other amazing bloggers out there and I LOVE trying new crafts. I have discovered so much over the past year about blogging and Someday Crafts has definitely been a place of inspiration for me to get my craft on! So a super-duper thank you to Michelle for having me today!


Today I want to show you how I made my very own family tree and turned an old framed picture into a unique piece of decor for my family.

Here's what I started with:

Here's what I made:

I started this fun little project a week ago because I was so sick of the framed print at the top of my stairs. It was boring, lifeless, and totally not my style anymore. I got it from Kohl's years ago and haven't ever figured out what I wanted to do with it...UNTIL NOW!

The frame was pretty, but it needed a makeover---and everything else?? It had to go. I found a lot of fun ideas on Pinterest and I'm really loving all the button projects out there now, but I really wanted to take a stab at my own unique idea. Then I came up with making a family tree to fill the frame. And here's how it went...

What you Need:

  • Old frame/picture

  • Spray Paint and craft paint to antique (I used craft paint and Martha's Antiquing Glaze)

  • Buttons (I bought one pack at JoAnn's which was enough)

  • Scissors

  • Hot glue/craft glue

  • Pictures

  • Burlap or other fabric for backing

  • Optional: vinyl

**I feel the need to preface this post by saying my original idea didn't turn out quite the way I had expected, but I still really like the end result. :) Can't always have things work out perfectly, right?

I started by taking the whole thing apart and separating the pieces out.

I then took the frame outside with my Krylon Almond spray paint and got to work!

I put on two coats of paint because this first coat wasn't enough. Although it almost already looked antiqued...use your judgement and decide the look you're going for.

While my spray paint was drying, I recycled the backing to the picture and covered it with my scrap burlap. I used hot glue to secure the two together.

This would be the background for my Family Tree

I then gathered up all my brown buttons and got to creating my tree. I wanted to keep the top pretty minimal because (as you'll discover) pictures fill up the space very quickly, which can lead you to overstuffing your picture frame if you're not careful. **NOTE: my original intent was to re-use the matting with the frame; however, it became quickly evident that it all wouldn't fit inside the matting, much to my disappointment.

What you have it all laid out, get to hot gluing your buttons down onto the board.

Once my frame had dried, I went ahead and mixed up my new Martha Stewart Antiquing Glaze and a dark brown craft paint to start antiquing my frame.

I love anything Martha Stewart...her new collection is amazing!

Once I mixed her glaze with the dark brown craft paint, I painted it onto the framed and then used a rag to gently wipe the excess off. It got in the nooks and crannies nicely and added that sought after antiqued effect.

Here was the end result of the frame as it dried. I think it turned out lovely and was surprised I did it myself LOL as this is my first time antiquing anything!

So after my frame dried, my buttons were glued down, and everything was ready. I gathered up about 15 pictures that I printed in sepia coloring at Target and I cut them into various leaf shapes and arranged them on my tree. This was a pretty long process trying to place them all appropriately, but in the end it ended up great. I didn't glue my pictures down, rather I taped them down, because I thought that if I ever want to change them out I didn't want it to be a hassle. PLUS, the glass will hold the pictures in place nicely.
Want to see the end product?!?! I know, I know...you're on the edge of your seats ;)

Side note: I had a VERY hard time photographing this. I know not to use flash normally, but I found that the flash made it easier to reduce the frame's glare. So I used it for a few pictures--sorry.

I added vinyl lettering I printed off my Silhouette when I was finished.
I think it really adds a lot to the end product.

Doesn't the color of the frame look awesome?!?!?!

Here it is in the dingy hallway lighting...where it enjoys it's home at the top of our stairs.

I'm SO happy with how it turned out. I'm a very family oriented person and this family tree is just what I needed in my house. I'm surprised I was actually able to pull it off. I hope you'll stop by my blog to read my crafting adventures at The Cards We Drew .

I'm in the middle of a craft room makeover that you don't want to miss! So please come and check me out!

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Thanks, Michelle, for having me! I hope you enjoyed my tutorial.

xoxo, Abbey

THANKS, Abbey for that fun family tree idea! The frame, burlap, buttons and picture leaves are such a great idea! My kids would love something like that to look at everyday! Visit The Cards We Drew Today.

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