Thursday, January 12, 2012

How to Make Plarn (Plastic Yarn) and a Plarn Grocery Tote

Some of you may have a goal to be "greener" this year or to find a new crafting skill!  I found one for any of you with either of these goals or for someone who just wants to be different. 

Petals to Picots show how to turn the plastic grocery sacks into "plarn"  (plastic yarn) and then gives you the pattern to make grocery totes.  Such a cool idea!  The people at the Farmer's Market in my town would LOVE this idea!!!!

Learn how to make Plarn and a plarn grocery tote.

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  1. Hi Michelle! Thank you for featuring me! I grabbed a button :)

  2. oh I can totally see those at the farmers market!

  3. heyyy... I have that bag! One of the old bitties in my mom's senior community made it for me. She used the same grocery bags too because it's all white with spots of red. How funny!

  4. Neat-O! definitely going to have to try this some time

  5. I love this! :) A friend made my daughter a rug for her room entirely out of the bags bread comes in. GO GREEN!


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