Thursday, January 26, 2012

Melted Spoon Flower - Guest Blogger - Hating Martha

I'd like to introduce an awesome craft blog,
Hating Martha....Imperfection At Its Best!!!!  
Love the title of this blog!   Today Hating Martha shows us how to make a darling flower out of plastic spoons!  I love this idea.  

My son finished his school lessons early one day and was looking for something to do. I wanted to do something "educational" and remembered this project I had seen on Pinterest...

It's hard to see the picture, I know. And the link is in another language. It's not my fault...really!
But, the general idea is to melt spoons and make a flower.

8 year's not to love!

Well, this little science experiment turned out awesome!

You need a bunch of plastic spoons. I didn't count how many we used...hang on I will count...
I think I see 12. And then you need to clip the handles off of them. I recommend a heavy duty snipper.

Hold your spoon over the flame of a candle (I used a blue one...:), just in case you cared).
I found that passing it thru the flame and back and forth works best. Stop after it passes thru very briefly to see if it is curling. Its kind of a trial and error sort of thing. Good thing plastic spoons are a dime a dozen.
The object is to get the spoon to curl into itself. You want various levels of "curl".

Ignore the forks, I thought I had a brilliant idea but it didn't work.
Anyways you can see the mess of curled spoons. Don't worry, it looks good in the end.
The cool part is the flame turns the plastic black. You do need to wipe some soot off, and it gets messy.
But, that takes like...5'll survive.

This next part gets a little hairy. But, my kids sure thought it was cool!
Take your cooled, curled spoons and stick the handles into the flames until the ends are on fire. 
Yep, on fire. Your kids will want to do it themselves. Say no!!

Squish the ends on top of each other. Put out the fire if it didn't get put out when you squished it.
Let them cool a bit before doing the next one.

Keep going and going around and around until you get something like this...

And then you want to take a few of the handles, hold them with a pliers or something.
Hold them into the flame so they curl. Do not start them on fire please.
You want one curled tight, one curled less tightly to go around the first one, and the next one to go around the last. You get the idea.
You are making the center. it looks like a flower.

I found a plain white vase...

some superglue...

and jazzed up that vase!

Isn't she pretty!

I like science experiments! Ones this quick and easy are my favorites!
And never 8 year old got bored quick because he wasn't allowed to play with fire.
Sad day! I am one of those mean mommies. Yup, I think I even have a certificate around here someplace!

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Wasnt' that awesome?   Who would thing that plastic spoons could turn into something so cute?   Not me!  I think it would be really adorable spray painted a different color too!   Visit Hating Martha to see what other projects she has up her sleeve!
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  1. That is so neat! I would have never known it was spoons!!!

    1. Thanks! Isn't that so neat...I thought it was really cool too!

  2. So cool! Who would have thought? Love her name btw!!

  3. This would be right up my grandson's alley! He loves fire!

    1. Yikes! Supervision is the name of the game! But it was fun to see something made out of a bunch of melted mess.

  4. Well now I've just seen everything! I tell 'ya how many of us tossed a plastic spoon in the campfire never ever to think of crafting with it? Makes me feel really talentless!


    1. Oh gosh, these were easy. Didn't require talent. Just a little pinterest and time. Isn't it crazy though!

  5. I'm going to try one!
    I just want to point something out though ~> I'd do this is a very well ventilated spot.
    The fumes from those melting spoons has to be toxic!

    1. Hmmm...never thought of that. But, I did it in my kitchen with the fan on and the overhead fan on as well. Perhaps thats why we never noticed. Good point!

  6. This is my kind of craft! I'm not gonna lie, I like to burn things! :)

  7. Great tutorial! I saw this on someone else's blog too...what a cool idea! Or should that be "hot" idea? Hahaha! xo

  8. Oops...meant to say I saw it on someone else's blog, but not the burnt edges...really like the look of this one! xo

  9. I love your flower. I think I'll try it when spring arrives and I can do it on the patio - I'm a little concerned about breathing in those melted plastic fumes. Also, I think it would look really cool to spray paint the flower. Great tutorial - thanks!


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