Monday, January 2, 2012

Resolution #1 - Get Organized

So I know you are all dying to know what the first post of 2012 will be (LOL!).   I decided I better find something that goes along with my resolutions and goals.   Chances are that about 90% of us have common goals:  get organized, cut out clutter, lose holiday weight gain from over indulgence of sweets, exercise.....

The first post of the year is about getting organized.    Unfortunately, I was born without the organization gene, but with these tips and pictures from House TalkN, I have something to shoot for.


  1. Oh I wish that was my closet!

    A blog about jewelry.

  2. Now, THAT is a great way to start 2012! Thank you so much for featuring my post!
    Happy New Year!
    Kerry at HouseTalkN

  3. For a moment there, I thought that was your closet.....or is it your closet and I'm about to have a serious case of closet envy?

    Happy New Year and good luck with your goal!

  4. I'm sure that closet is larger than my room. Oh, to have a closet that organized!


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