Sunday, January 29, 2012

Spice Rack Pantry Door

THIS. IS. BRILLIANT!   Check out what Living in the Woods did to the back of their pantry door.   They made a huge spice rack!!!  I  LOVE this!   What a perfect place to hold so many spices and bottles of ingredients! 

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  1. A great idea, if my wife sees this I may have to make one, she has rather a lot of spices and jars of this and that.

  2. Nice one, plenty of foods I wish all pantry doors having this different kinds of food like this, so home owners won't feel hungry.

  3. How do I make one similar to this one? What would I need to do one? Any ideas where I can find them?

    1. Yasmine, this was just something that was featured on our blog. Unfortunately it looks like the blog where this was originally published (and that had all the info) is now private. It wasn't at the time that we featured it. You can do a Google or Pinterest search that would show you how to make something similar to this. I know I've seen a ton like this floating around on Pinterest. Hope that helps!


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