Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Tax Return Time!!! Wahoo!!!!

If you are like me, you look forward to get your tax return filed and back because that means you get money for projects!  We have lots of great uses and activities planned for when our taxes get returned to us in a little while (like finishing our kitchen, putting in some more insulation and getting some new flooring).   AND gratefully because we have a home-based business, we will be getting a bigger tax return than usual this year!

                 What do you plan on doing with your tax return? 
                                      Home improvement. Travel.  Investing.  Starting a new Business.

I suggest the last option as one of the things you do with your tax return.   For those of you where money is tight, those looking for a job (or a second job), those wanting to improve their financial situation or those looking for some fun and socialization,  I would love to let you know about my success with my home-based business that I started this past year.  As you may know, in August I joined Paparazzi Accessories as an Independent Consultant.   It is a NEW direct sales company where all the jewelry and accessories are only $5.   I felt like it was my lucky in break in life.

I have to tell you that this business has been better than I expected!  It has blown my mind.  I now KNOW that this IS my lucky break in life and what a relief it is to have found it.  Our financial situation is changing and it feels good to not be so stressed about money.  I make almost as much as a Paparazzi Consultant as I did when I was teaching school full-time and this is so much easier and more fun!!!  I get paid to go to Girls Night Out!!!  In both November and December, I made more than my husband who works full-time at a university.   In November, I made more than I have made off my blog for the past 2 years!!!!!!  I am still in shock!!!  The best part is that it is real - not a dream!

Paparazzi has thrived in this economy because women still love to feel beautiful and look nice even when money is tight.  Women still love to give gifts.  Women still love to shop!  They can still do those when they can find jewelry and accessories for only $5.  It is one of the best and least expensive forms of retail therapy available!  I don't feel guilty for giving women a great deal!  They don't feel regretful for spending $5 or $10 (or more) on themselves and others.  It is a win-win situation.

Top Ten Reasons to Become A Paparazzi Accessories Consultant!

1.     45% Commission – Earn $25-50 an hour.  Earn upto 10% on your team commissions.
2.     Get in on the ground floor this exciting company.  Be the first consultant in your area!  (Chances are you would be the first.)
3.     Irresistible product that sells itself – Women go crazy over this trendy $5 jewelry
4.     This product is for all age groups of females and all socio-economic groups!
5.     Unending supply of fashion-forward accessories and jewelry to wear. 
6.     People want you to throw parties.   Their friends love them after coming to the party!  There is NO PRESSURE or GUILT!
7.     Set your schedule.  Work as much or as little as you want.
8.     Awesome tax deductions!   Exciting Incentives – Trips, TV’s, money, prizes
9.     Make new friends.  Women will become your customer and friend. 
10.   UNLIMITED Income potential.  SERIOUSLY!!!!
To learn more about being a Paparazzi Independent Consultant, Michelle Johnnie (#1681) at (435)610-1609 or visit jewelryforfive.blogspot.com

I am so grateful to have found this company this early.   If you know about these businesses, the sooner you get in and work, the better.   With around 2000 consultants in the USA, Paparazzi is still new, and "undiscovered."   It is growing quickly.  If you compare it to Scentsy which has over 150,000 consultants, Mary Kay (which has a ton of consultants and a 68% yearly turnover rate), and some of the other direct sales companies, Paparazzi is the way to go.  Not that those other companies are bad, it is just that Paparazzi's potential for success is so much better and realistic.

Some other great things about Paparazzi is that you can sell it in retail stores like salons, gift shops, clothing stores, boutiques, etc.  If you approach a business owner about Paparazzi and they join, you get commission off of them.   I have at least 4 businesses that have joined as wholesale distributors and they are selling this jewelry like crazy!!!!  One of them is an art/framing store.  She says it brings many ladies into her shop that wouldn't normally come in!
I have taken this jewelry into doctor offices breakrooms, school workrooms, women's shelters, banks and professional offices and the working women (and men) buy it up very quickly.   They want and need to look professional and this is the right price for them.  I can make $50+ in 30 minutes at an office building. 

Paparazzi sells very well at fairs, festivals, boutiques, home parties, business parties and on the side of the road!   It's only $5 and it is CUTE!!!

If you need/want to earn money for a fundraiser, this is an awesome product to sell.   I am looking forward to helping a few different causes with their fundraisers.  They are excited because they know it sells and profit margin is better than with most other things they have tried.

WHY DOES Paparazzi sell so well?
The Paparazzi retail price is the lowest it can be found.  (Much less expensive than Claire's Boutique and Charming Charlies and the same quality).
It is a product that women love and want and already buy.
It is NEW. (Only 1 year old.)  Few consultants.  Few distributors.
The commission is generous!

If you are currently in a different direct sales company, I invite you to add this to what you are already doing.   You already have a clientele, customers, and friends who trust, respect and buy from you. There are quite a few ladies on my team who have either added Paparazzi Jewelry to their parties or have switched over to Paparazzi completely because it is more profitable and easier to sell.  I have ladies who do or have sold Scentsy, designer jeans, Avon, Mary Kay, Pampered Chef, Thirty-One Gifts, Stampin' Up, Slumber Parties, bags and purses.   Those who have ADDED Paparazzi to their parties tell me it has increased their sales in both products (because more women are coming to parties to see/buy $5 jewelry) and they get more bookings because they have added the affordable jewelry.  They make more with Paparazzi present!

If you are looking to make thousands a month, you really can do it with this business and some work.  If you only want to make a few hundred dollars a month, that is totally doable and quite simple.  Just host 2 or 3 parties a month (and parties are NOT hard to book because....it is $5 jewelry.)

There are so many reasons that Paparazzi makes sense. It is a No Brainer!   Dave Ramsey, the financial guru, has said "The worst thing you can do in this economy is to get a second job.  The best thing you can do is to get a home-based business."   Let me help you get a home-based business where you can get some mega tax-deductions, earn some nice money and have fun in the process. 

I support my team very well which is one of the reasons I am doing so well.   I have a blog for my team with pictures and ideas.   You can join some consultant Facebook groups.   I phone and computer conference with new people and TRAIN you how to do what I am doing.  I share the documents I have created for success.   Even though the ladies on my team are scattered across the US, my team is one of the strongest in the company because I focus on training and support them.   Let me help you improve your financial status this year.  There is no monthly quota or automatic withdrawals.


To see a small portion of the jewelry which Paparazzi provides their consultants or to purchase some jewelry for yourself, you can visit my website.  This is NOT everything - just a portion.  To see everything or to discuss more, I can make a time to meet with you on the phone/computer to show it to you.   I love technology today.

If you would like to host a party to get some free jewelry, there are a few ways you can do it.   Tell me where you live and I will try to hook you up with a nearby consultant (if that is possible.)  There may not be one close to you, but there might!   Host an online party at my website.  Let me know if you are interested in either.

If you are a blogger and would like some free jewelry, I would be interested in swapping with you in exchange for advertising.   Please contact me to discuss a swap! 

If you know someone who may be interested in becoming a consultant and you refer them to me, I will give you free jewelry when they join my team.   I am not pushy.  I don't have to be:)   I would love to help your friends and family improve their situations.

To learn more about becoming a consultant, please visit jewleryforfive.blogspot.com.   I have written more in depth about it there.   If you would like to join right now, go to the bottom of that blog and it will link you over to the sign up page.  Make sure you type in #1681 so I can be your sponsor and support you!

Please contact me to learn more about becoming a Paparazzi Accessories consultant.  You can call me at 435-610-1609.  Please leave a message if I don't answer and I will get back with you ASAP.   Or you can email me at jewelryforfive@gmail.com.  

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  1. Hi, my name is Heather! Please email me when you can, I have a question about your blog!

  2. Hi Heather,

    I would love to email you, but I don't know your email and i don't see one on your profile! Please send me your email.

  3. We are paying off our one and only vehicle left with a loan!! WOOT WOOT! I can't wait to own all of our vehicles free and clear. More monthy money for crafts. ;)

  4. I was interested a few months back when you first posted about this, and I am still interested now. I can't garantee anything at this time but I will look at your site and shoot you an email soon. This seems like a great opportunity - who doesn't love jewelry, right? The price is great too! Just wondering if (and I ask hesitantly, don't want to sound rude) you have had any issues with quality or if they are made of "safe" metals and materials? Thanks for sharing this again!


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