Friday, March 30, 2012

April Fool's Jokes

April Fools Day is coming soon. What do you plan on doing? I have yet to decide, but I've seen a few really cunning and fun ideas. I have found a few posts on April Fools Day ideas. They have some ideas in common and some that are different. Check out all four and decide who you are going to fool and how!!! Because I would love to see more ideas (and probably some of you want to see more) I will add a linky. Feel free to link you idea to share or if you don't have a post up, leave it in the comments. The more, the merrier!!!!

Check out Texas Monkey's ideas HERE.

How many of your neighbors would have a heart attack if a "Home For Sale" sign went up in your yard?   Best joke ever!   Read about this one at 2 Clever Blog

Go HERE to see Love, Actually's ideas.

The Idea Room has some more clever food ideas HERE.
Click HERE to see additional pranks at Tip Junkie.

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  1. Yay!! A party that will like these ridiculous recipes!! Thanks for hosting!

  2. No picture for a link, but hands down the funniest April Fool joke I have ever heard was done by a family at our church last year on their two high school daughters. Kristen the mom is in her forties. She had a pregnant friend at work pee on a pregnancy test so it would be positive. Then she left it in the bathroom where the girls would find it. When they found she and her husband sat them down and told them she was having a baby. The girls were not all happy and joyful. In fact they were a bit appalled. As the girls stalked to their bedroom disgusted at their parents' obvious lack of restraint in the baby making area especially at their advanced age, one of them shot back at them..."We are so not sharing a bedroom because of this."


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