Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Off To Disneyland!!! AND some Disney Ideas!

I've got the kids' Disney clothes packed and we will be heading out on our journey tonight!   I am so excited to surprise my kids by showing up at Disneyland tomorrow!    Has anyone ever kept going to Disneyland a secret from their kids until showing up at the magical gates?    It's going to be a blast!  I am so thankful for the gift that Paparazzi Accessories has been in my life for the past 7 months.   Money in the bank, a free trip and money in the bank  - who could ask for more?

No one submitted any Disney related posts and I thought about just reposting some from last time, but I talked to my neighbor about taking over my blog for the week and she agreed.   So from now until Monday, Miranda will be posting some of her favorite ideas from around the web.   
 Miranda is a very talented crafter and has this fun Etsy shop!  Check it out!

SO have a great week!  I know I will!

I'm leaving with the post that inspired me to make the Mickey and Minnie ears for my kids last time we went!  There are a few other great ideas in here!  ENJOY!!!

You can tell by her header that Honeyscraps loves Disney!
I made these mouse ears for my daughter's first trip to Disneyland in September. The ones at the Disney store inspired me...and then once I saw the price I was really inspired to make my own:)
black faux fur (mine was more like a felt fur)
cardboard (for the ears)
hot glue gun
lint roller
NOTE: The lint roller is so you can pick up all the pieces of fur hair as you cut and glue your pieces because the faux fur sheds a lot.
1. Start by measuring the outside of your headband and cut two strips of fur that are that are about 1" longer and 1/2" wider on both sides.
2. Glue one of your strips (fur side facing out) to the inside of the headband.
3. Trim the strip to 1/8" all the way around the headband.
4. Glue your other strip to the top of the headband, also with the fur side facing out. Trim the top strip to be even with the strip on the inside of the headband.
5. Now glue the edges of the strips together. I found this was easiest by applying the glue to the outer edge of the headband itself that way no glue seeped out when I pressed the strips together.
Here is what it looks like after it has been glued all the way around.
6. Now to make the ears, cut out four circles of fur in the size you want your ears to be. I used a drinking glass to get perfect circles.
7. Cut out two pieces of lightweight cardboard that are about 1/4" smaller than your fur ear pieces. Glue your cardboard to the center of your fur ear. Make sure the cardboard is glued to the wrong side of your fur. Then cut a small piece of the circle off to create a flat edge. About 1 and 1/2" is enough.
8. Glue your other fur ear piece to the one with cardboard on it. Make sure to glue the wrong sides together so that there is fur on either side of the ear. Leave an opening at the place where the flat edge of your circle is.
Repeat this process to make the other ear.
9. Apply glue to the inner sides of the opening of your ear piece and position it on your headband and hold it firm until the glue has dried.
10. Attach the other ear to the headband the same way. In order to get the ears even on both sides, measure up from the bottom of the headband to the bottom of the ear you already attached and then mark that same measurement on the other side.
Now these can be left "as is" if they are for a boy...but if they are for a girl then it's time to add some fun bows!

I got these bows on clearance at JoAnn for $.97
I decided to glue one bow in front of each ear instead of the traditional large bow.
My daughter absolutely loves them. They lasted all day at the park and she still wears them around the house now:)
Also, to go with her ears, I was inspired to make her a Minnie Mouse dress and shoes:

Along with some Mickey Mouse cookies to snack on and Mickey Mouse pancakes to have the morning of Disneyland:
My daughter did have two costumes to wear while at Disneyland. She was Minnie Mouse most of the day...but when meeting the princesses...a Cinderella dress was the obvious choice:)
I made this satin flower headband to match her dress...and when we met Cinderella, she told my daughter that she liked it!
When we got back from California...the Disney celebration continued with a photo viewing party with my family. I made these candy dipped Mickey Mouse cookies for the occasion.
We had an amazing time at Disneyland and we can't wait to go back:)
for all the amazing ideas! Lucky daughter! Visit Honeyscraps for more inspiration today!

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  1. on your jewelry support blog, can you do a behind the scenes business post?? Like tax time, business licenses, ect??

  2. I hope you and your family have a blast Michelle and I'm so happy you have the opportunity to go again! We are going to Disney World in October and the kids are so excited (poor kids keep asking WHEN are we going)! My brother didn't surprise his kids at the gates, but he did surprise them with the trip on Christmas. They opened a present FILLED to the brim with Disney related items and things that hinted at a trip. His oldest was the first to get it and started jumping around, his middle (a girl) realized it next and started screaming and his youngest started to cry because his sister hurt his ears! It was a madhouse and it was perfect and it is a memory they won't forget! LOL.

  3. Love the Minnie Mouse Headband! So fun!

  4. Love the mouse ears. We are going in May and I am definitely going to make these for my daughter! Have fun!

  5. Love them ears!! We just got back from Disney as well! We were there on the 28th celebrating my Daughter's 6th Birthday! Have a GREAT time!!

  6. So cute. Michelle, I was on a blog break lately, and I missed your request for Disney tips. I totally could have hooked you up on that. I would've been glad to take over your blog for a week. We're headed to Walt Disney World for our fourth trip this June. Please let me know in the future if you want any Disney posting!

  7. Minnie Mouse Headband is so pretty and cool as well as you share such nice method for make it. Its very amazing and best post.


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