Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Hammock Chair Swing

Pin ItHave you ever sat in a hammock chair swing?  It's a heavenly experience!   It's even better when there is a foot rest swing.   I'd love to hang one of these from a tree in my backyard!  Craft Goodies is sharing how she made her swing at So You Think You're Crafty?


  1. Awesome! It must be comfortable to lie in this chair hammock.

  2. Genuine and expect to do the same. Want to know more about Embossing Powders .

    1. Hammock swings are a unique piece of furniture that typically goes on a deck or patio. They also offer a unique and excellent way to relax. These are better than normal swings, because the swing is more controlled, the seat is more comfortable. Thanks a lot.

  3. On my to do list!!! Thanks for sharing. I've pinned this!


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