Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Raised Gardens!

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Our garden hasn't done very well the last few years.   I have some ideas why.  The soil isn't great and it doesn't get as much sun as it needs AND the deer sneak in once or twice and do some damage.  BUT, I keep thinking that if I did a raised garden like It's Overflowing in a different part of our yard, the outcome could be different.   This post has tons of great information about doing a raised garden.


  1. I need a raised garden too. The darn (cute) bunny that I see hopping around my back yard ate my pea plants. I know a raised garden won't solve that, but our soil is pretty bad too.

  2. Great info I was thinking of doing one myself!!

  3. My garden last year was a complete failure. This year I'm doing the raised beds and it's been tons better. Although I just used some pavers and it it's no where as pretty as Overflowings.

  4. Thanks SO MUCH for the feature! Happy Gardening Friends! XO, Aimee

  5. I love your idea. This images inspires me to start gardening in our backyard.
    dribbling the ball


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