Sunday, September 9, 2012

Wood Planked Ceiling

Pin It  I've been dreaming of the day we remodel our upstairs bathroom and in my head I envision how classy a planked wood ceiling look.  The drywall job is horrible and that would be the easiest way to make it look nice.   The Idea Room did a planked wood ceiling in her new gorgeous kitchen.   That really got me anxious to cover up the drywall soon!


  1. My husband thinks I'm crazy but I want to eventually do this to our whole house! I originally saw it on The Lettered Cottage blog & looooove it! We have vaulted ceilings though so I'm not sure how easy it will be.

  2. We did a planked ceiling in our mudroom. We had the popcorn texture on it, so we scraped it off and then did the planks. I love it, ours is white, but it's more rustic looking.

  3. Looks marvelous!! You should consider installing mirrored walls for the bathroom, it adds vanity!

    -Solomon Berkovitch


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