Friday, November 23, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving and Shopping My Site!!!!!

I am thankful for so many things.  I'm thankful for my family, my 3 wonderful kiddos, a blog that has kept me busy for about 4 years, a Paparazzi Accessories business that has sustained my family for almost the past year and for life!  The last year has been a wild ride, but a fun one!

I just hit the rank called "Fashionista" for Paparazzi Accessories in October and these are the flowers the company sent me for doing it!  I am grateful that my efforts pay off.

AND because I want to share Paparazzi with you AND because it is Black Friday,  I am having a great deal on my $5 Paparazzi jewelry at   For the next two days, I will ship any package for free when you purchase 2 or more items (money will be reimbursed after you check-out).    

I have some beautiful necklace/earring sets for only $5!!!!  There are many under "Best Sellers" and Necklaces.

Some awesome metal cuffs!  Only $5!  Look under "Best Sellers."

And my most popular style of Paparazzi earrings!!!!!  These sell like hot cakes!  They are under "Best sellers."

If you would like to see more variety in person, let me know where you live and I can hook you up with the consultant closest to you on my team.  There is still time to host a party for FREE jewelry before Christmas.   There may not be a consultant close to you because there Paparazzi is still new and growing.  If you are looking to bring in some additional income in the next year, let  me know and I can send you information about becoming an independent consultant.  The commission is 45%!!!  And the jewelry sells itself! You can read more about becoming a Paparazzi Accessories consultant HERE. Tax returns will be coming sooner than you realize!

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