Monday, December 10, 2012

Creative Christmas Trees

Pin It There are so many different types of ways to make Christmas trees.  This one at Finding Home was made out of old wooden crates.   (The link isn't working right now.)  If you want to see a variety of  "Christmas trees," head over to this linky party at Funky Junk!  So much variety and creativity.


  1. I am loving these creative trees. It is hard to believe that I haven't brought my garden ladder upstairs and made a tree from it. I think the ladder trees might be my way of leaving the ladder in the garden next year!!! (Lots of links aren't working right now :( )

  2. I loved these tree ideas and posted a link in my blog. I just started (literally) so I won't generate much, if any, traffic for ya. I love crafty ideas, especially around Christmas when money is always tight! Come check out my blog though, if you get a chance, and have a great day!

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