Friday, January 4, 2013

Gallery Art Wall with Giant Kid Drawing!

Pin It  I sent pictures we had taken for Christmas cards off to our family today.  I need to put the ones I kept up on our walls now!   When I saw this fun wall of pictures at Creatively Living...Outside the Box, I fell in love with it!   My kids could totally create a focal picture like that and we all would love it.  I gotta find me a giant canvas.


  1. Thanks for the wall art love! I found the "canvas" at the Goodwill for $4! I is actually a big piece of plywood that someone had cut and framed in. Someone else had done some painting on it and then decided they didn't want it. The most fun part is that my son (who does love to draw) gets to see his artwork on the internet (and on our wall all the time). He feels pretty special ;)

  2. Lovely artwork and arrangemeent.

  3. Fantastic! One of the best art projects for kids I've seen.

    I bought remnant pieces of heavy cotton duck canvas on eBay (from a Vermont seller). They are mostly longer than wide. I prime them with gesso and stretch either on my stretchers or an old pre-stretched canvas I've taken apart.


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