Thursday, February 7, 2013

Incredible Pirate Bedroom

Pin ItThis is a dream room for boys.  A classy pirate room that is so well done!!!  You  HAVE to go over and look at all the details of this room.  The beds they built are amazing!  I love the window seat and window treatments - totally cool.   The closet doors are to die for.  Check out all the tutorials on how they were made!!!!  (Some of the links are included in this post and some are at the very bottom of the post.  Follow them around.)  Batchelor's Way has some fabulous ideas.  This is a blog that deserves a bigger following!

Check out the boy's pirate bedroom and the corresponding tutorials.


  1. Wow! What a great surprise to find my photo's and links on your blog just now! You are too kind! You can find all the posts for this room by clicking on the Label Pirate Room. Thanks so much!!
    Ronda from Batchelors Way!


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