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Guest Blogger - Lisa Jolan - Tips and Tricks for a Very Small Apartment

Hello Everyone! This is Lisa Jolan and I am very thankful to Someday Crafts for giving me an opportunity to do a guest post on her blog. Today I am going to share some interesting tips and tricks for decorating a very small apartment. Don’t forget to follow me on Twitter and Pinterest.

Not everyone can afford luxurious mansions or even a comfy duplex with enough space to adequately store all wardrobes, sheets, towels and children’s toys. Living in a small apartment might have its disadvantages, but there are some good points to it, too:

1) Small apartments are easier, or at least quicker, to clean – less space, less cleaning surface.

2) The size of a home is usually proportional to the money spent for its decoration.


3) Small apartments are more intimate, especially compared to very big houses where their inhabitants start sleeping in different rooms just because they can.

4) It’s a challenge to stylishly decorate a home when very little space is an obstacle; at the same time it’s exciting to even try and prove to oneself that there’s a decorating genius lying inside of them.

Bathroom - A Good Place to Start:

Small, narrow bathrooms are a real challenge and that is why it’s good to get your practice here. Not everyone manufactures shower cabins or bathtubs as small as you need them, so it’s important to do a thorough search for the right sanitary ware. The first thing to do is to measure all sides in your bathroom and carefully calculate how long and wide each bathroom item should be.

                                                                        Tiny Bathroom

Once you succeed in purchasing appropriately small shower cabin/bathtub, toilet and sink, you can go ahead and enjoy
decorating bathroom tiles with unusual towel hangers, soap holders and other small bathroom accessories whose unique design could compensate for the size of the bathroom.

Space Optimization throughout Your Home:

Learning your lesson from bathroom decoration, you can go on to decorate your kitchen, dining room, living room and bedroom, provided you have all these rooms. Go online and discover what furniture vendors offer for small apartments. There are many reliable and affordable online furniture shops, but you can also visit real “offline” stores or yard sales to get the feel of what you are buying. Again, it is really important to know your home’s proportions really well before purchasing any piece of furniture or decoration.

Prioritize, prioritize…

In very small apartments that consist of only one or two rooms, it is important to recognize your priorities. Purchasing pull-out sofas is a good “trick” that provides you with a presentable living room for guests that turns into a good place to rest at night.

                                                  Pull-out Sofa available at shop4furniture

You might also need to choose between having a dining set or a computer desk with drawers for work related items, because there is no room for both of these things. The best option is to purchase a dining table and a laptop, so you can work there during the day and use the dining set for dinners.

                                                                       Dining table Set

How to Make Your Apartment Appear Bigger:

Two great tricks that magically transform your small home into something larger are: wall paint and mirrors.
Painting your walls very light colour will create a sense of somewhat bigger space. You will get a similar effect if you put mirrors across your wardrobe or a whole wall.

Avoid crowding your home with unnecessary items like too many plants, books, cheap sculptures, etc.

Choose your wall art wisely and focus on acquiring few, but beautiful pieces of decoration for each room.

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