Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Guest Blogger - Paper Creativity - Mason Jar Drinking Glasses

Hello! My name is Danielle and I write over at Paper Creativity. I'm guest posting at Someday Crafts today and I'm excited to get crafting with you!

My project for today is to take an ordinary mason jar and turn it into something fun for our kids to drink out of. I couldn't find exactly what we wanted so we combined a few things together!

Mason Jar with handle (these are .98 at walmart with no lid)
Mason Jar lid and topper (I just bought a mason jar at dollar tree and used the lid)
Vinyl or a Stencil
Crop-a-dile or drill
Rubber Grommet (home depot has these)

The first step is to gather all your supplies. I used vinyl scraps I had on hand and asked my boys to pick a design that I could cut out on my silhouette cameo. Wash the jars out well and let them dry. Then your all set to start!

To make the straw hole in the lid you can use 1 of 2 things! If your handy or can get someone to help you, you can use a drill and easily drill a hole in the top. I prefer my holes to be near the edge so it's easiest to drink out of. Since I didn't have a drill to use I used my cropadile. I easily cut holes in the lid with it until I had a big hole. The size hole you need can vary, depending on the size grommet you buy. I used 5/8" ones.

When your done punching the hole, insert the grommet so that it nicely fits inside. This is what the topper of the lid will look like once your done. I always clean mine up with a little goo gone to get the residue off from the price sticker, but this is optional!

Now you can decorate as you please! I used my Silhouette Cameo to cut the vinyl out in a boogie board for my oldest son. You can also use a stencil, glass paint, etching cream or handcut vinyl. Then you just put your lid on, insert a straw and your cup is complete!

I hope you enjoyed my project! You can find me over at Paper Creativity!
Thanks Danielle! These mason jar drinking glasses look so fun! I think my little guy would have so much fun personalizing (and using) these!

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  1. I also love doing any DIY craft like making a personalized wine glasses or drinking glasses and this work is one of the most creative I've seen and I like that you also put some straw on those glasses.


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