Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Silhouette Promotion

Silhouette is at it again with a great new promotion for ya'll! This month, they're highlighting the vinyl! Who doesn't love a good vinyl project, right?
Silhouette is running a Buy One Get One Free sale on all their vinyl. That's like getting the vinyl for 50% off!! You can also get a Silhouette Cameo plus 2 rolls of vinyl (chalkboard and white) AND 1 roll of transfer paper for $269.99!! Unfortunately Silhouette is unable to offer a sale on the Portrait at this time, but the Cameo will cut a much larger area. If the Cameo had come out before I bought my Silhouette SD, I definitely would have purchased the larger size machine!
To get either of these discounts, just use the code "SOMEDAY" at checkout. Just go load up your virtual cart with all the vinyl you could ever way, then use the promo code, and you'll see your total cut in half! Yay for sales!
My Silhouette is having issues cutting the vinyl the right way. No matter where I put my design to be cut (when I'm designing in the software), it always cuts off the first 1/2" to 1" of the design. It's driving me nuts, but hopefully I'll have it worked out soon. And then I'll be able to post my newest vinyl creation. In the mean time, here are a few vinyl creations from the past.
Here's the Headboard Vinyl that I created a few weeks ago. Still loving this and I get so many compliments from people who take a peek around our house!
And don't forget the Frosted Vinyl Mirror in our downstairs bathroom. Despite the bad lighting (there's no natural light in our bathroom), I think this little design really adds some class to our bathroom.

Or how about the soap dispensers that I created as Mother's Day gifts? My Mother-in-Law is visiting and LOVES it, so I told her I would try to cut her some vinyl so she could make one once she gets back home.


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  1. Love your ideas and your creative additions to your photos! Did you make the pic of the vinyl head board on Picmonkey? If so, on what.. looks amazing


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