Saturday, September 28, 2013

Craft Fail: Glass Etched Pie Pan

I had the privilege of trying out Silhouette's new Glass Etching Starter Kit, but it didn't go so hot. See what I mean?
None of my casserole dishes or pie plates have a smooth outside. So, I took my chances. I wasn't sure if the etched part of glass would affect that food put on it, so I didn't feel comfortable putting it on the smooth inside part. Instead, I took my chances over the Pyrex logo on the bag. That's the biggest part of the problem here. But, If you look closely at the word "kitchen" you can see that the etching cream didn't stay within the vinyl very well. This was all despite my efforts to make sure it was stuck very well. See?
I know it's kind of blurry. It's hard to get a good up close shot of etched glass. But all those brighter white spots are from where the etched cream got under the vinyl - probably during the rinsing part of the process. It also produced a very inconsistent result.
I think the kit from Silhouette is a fabulous idea, I just think my execution wasn't the greatest. I also wish the vinyl they give you for the stencil was a different color other than clear. I think that was part of the problem in the "p" in our name. The stencil vinyl is clear, the transfer tape is clear, and the glass (or mirror) is clear. It's hard to make sure that every little part of every letter transfers properly. Most likely, the inner circle of the "p" didn't get stuck to the glass pan, which is why it's just a blob.
I don't really blame the kit for my issues. I think it's mostly due to the fact that the bottom side of my pan isn't flat.
Sorry I didn't have a really cool project to show you. I love the look of glass etching and this probably would have looked so much better if I hadn't tried to etch over the bumpy logo.
Don't forget about the Silhouette promo going on right now! You can get the Glass Etching Starter Kit for 25% off or a killer deal on the cutting machines and the glass etching kit bundled together. This promo is valid through October 4th, so hurry over and get your own machine!


  1. Oh no! I used regular vinyl for mine. It would be hard if everything was clear. Cool idea though!

    1. The little instruction booklet that came with the kit said to only use the stencil vinyl, so I didn't dare try it with another color that I had. I was afraid that it might eat through the vinyl and completely ruin the project. But knowing that you were able to use regular vinyl makes me feel better. The all clear thing was really hard to work with. I might just try some of my colored vinyl on another project.

  2. If you want to etch on curved glass you are better off sticking the vinyl on in sections rather than one whole piece. As much of a pain as it is to line up all the letters, it means you can stick the edges down a lot better. You will get the hang of it - practice on cheap wine glasses :)

    1. The bottom of the pie pan wasn't curved. The major problem with this project was the Pyrex logo on the bottom of the pan - right in the middle of my design. The only other glass items either had the same kind of logos on the bottom or were curved, and I wasn't about to attempt those on my first try. Thanks for the tips though if I ever do try a curved item! :)


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