Monday, September 9, 2013

Guest Blogger - Crafting E - DIY Scratch Card

Hello Someday Crafts readers. I'm SO happy to be here today! 

My name is Emma and I'm a 13 (almost 14) year old craft blogger. I blog over at Crafting {E} where I share crafts, decor, printables , and occasionally a recipe. 

Before we start,  here are some fun facts about me:
- I'm LDS
- I love to run and play volleyball
- I have an addiction to chocolate and smoothies
- I'm a total book nerd and LOVE to read
- I love technology and want to be a graphic designer when I grow up
- I'm a BYU fan (GO COUGARS!!)

I would love it if you stopped by my blog sometime! 

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Now that you know a little about me, let's get started. I'm going to be sharing a tutorial on how to make your own scratch cards, along with a free printable. I think it's a super cute idea so I hope you like it too.

I LOVE scratch cards - they are so FUN to scratch (don't you think?) I decided to make my own. They are fun for parties, prize cards,  shop coupons, and gifts.

Want to make one????

If you are going to make one you will need to download and print one of these cute cards (click the link below the picture you like to download it.)

1st up

Birthday scratch cards:

Coupon scratch card:

green and blue coupon scratch card

purple and blue coupon scratch card

pink, orange, and yellow coupon scratch card

Prize Scratch cards:

purple and blue prize scratch card

 blue and green prize scratch card

So now, onto the tutorial.

1) Inside the box write the card's reward. Then color the box in with a white crayon (this helps the paint scratch off)

2) Tape off the box so none of the paint gets on the rest of the card.

2) Mix up your scratch off solution. It is two parts acrylic paint to one part dish soap. I just used plastic spoons for this. Put the paint and soap onto a paper plate and mix them together. 

3) Paint the scratch solution onto the desired area and let it dry. Put it in an envelope with some confetti and balloons. Enjoy!


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Thanks so much for having me!!
Thanks to Emma for guest posting here at Someday Crafts! Emma has some incredible things over on her blog - it's hard to believe she's only 13!! Isn't the scratch card a fun idea for a birthday, anniversary, or even for stockings at Christmastime!?


Thanks for leaving a comment. I always like to know what you think of the projects I highlight!

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