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Crafting for Baby - Embellished Baby Clothes from Mabey She Made It

Lisa from Mabey She Made It is here today! I had the pleasure of meeting her last week at a blogger get-together and she's so sweet! Plus she has the cutest baby bump - and makes a bunch of maternity clothes! When I was looking at tutorials for maternity stuff, I kept coming across a bunch of her projects. Anyway, here she is...


Don’t you just love tiny newborn girls in headbands? Those little bald heads (mine are bald anyway) with a little something to make their eyes shine…so adorable!

Hi, I’m Lisa Mabey from Mabey SheMade It where I blog about DIY Crafts and Sewing. Today Let’s talk about a few ways to make your own baby headbands!
Now before we get started, I’m just going to say I’m not a big fan of the headbands with flowers or bows that are as big as the baby’s head (you can’t see the beautiful baby!), so the ones we’re going to make/talk about today are much more delicate.
The first thing you’ll want to do is make the actual headbands. Foldover elastic is by far my favorite thing to make these out of. It comes in a wide range of colors and even designs, so find something you love for the base.
Then cut the elastic so its long enough to go around your baby’s head comfortably. You don’t want to squeeze their little noggins but you also want it to stay on. Then sew or glue the two ends together.

You can also tie the ends together (you’ll want to cut your elastic longer if you’re going this route) but on newborns I typically don’t like the knotted look. Now you’ve got your basic headband. Time to embellish!

This is where it gets fun! You can go with a variety of embellishment options here you can: A) cut a flower out of some fun fabric, layering the petals and adding something to the center, B) Make a cute little bow out of felt and ribbon, C) Add a few stacked and coordinating buttons, D) Go really simple with a ribbon bow, or E) Embellish a felt bow with some little half-back pearls. Let’s make a felt bow together.

Start by cutting a strip of felt. The strip for my larger felt bow is 1.5” x 5” and my smaller bow is 1” x 4.”    Now fold the ends so they overlap a little, and while holding, cut out a small crescent shape on both sides to give the bow a little shape. Use hot glue to glue the ends together, just overlapping.

Take a second small piece of felt (or coordinating ribbon) and wrap and glue it around the center of the bow.

Glue it to your headband! On the larger bow, I hot glued some half-back pearls to the headband just for fun.

And in just a few minutes, you have adorable baby headbands that are custom designed for your baby! And if you don’t yet have a baby to model your headbands, squeeze your 3-year-olds head into one for a few minutes.


So cute! I wish I had some girls to wear headbands around here. Think my hubby would mind if I made some and let the baby wear them anyway? ;)

Also, Lisa's been having issues with her blog, but don't let that stop you from checking her out. Keep trying - I'm sure she'll be up and running again soon!

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  1. Thank you, Miranda, and it was really nice to meet you last week! Next time I hope I'm feeling a little more talkative--I was so tired that night! :)


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