Friday, March 28, 2014

Crafting for Baby - Pom Pom Baby Mobile from Something Splendid

AAGH! Our Crafting for Baby series is almost over! Can you believe it's the end of the month already? Without further adieu, here's our second to last project... 
Hi Everyone! I am Emily from I am the red head in the middle. Our blog is about sharing fun crafts, recipes, fun activities, and beauty ideas- all on a budget. We celebrate every holiday to the fullest, throw lots of themed parties, and travel everywhere we can together. All 3 of us are in college, and while we do not have kids now, we do have nieces and nephews that are spoiled with a lot of our creations.
We have a really cute mobile to share with you here today. Now our idea may not be the most original, but when I perused pinterest left and right for a tutorial and could not find one, I knew this project needed to be out there.
-6 pieces of felt (1 for each pom pom)
-Small embroidery hoop
-Glue gun
-Bakers twine
First cut out 1 small circle and 8 big circles from each piece of felt. I freehanded mine, but I made sure to do each color of felt in a different size.
To create the pom poms, fold a circle in half and in half again and place a small dot of glue to hold it together.
Glue four of the circles to each side of the smaller circle and spread them out to create a pom pom.
With your embroidery hoop, take your bakers twine and cut 6 pieces of twine in different sizes. Tie them to the hoop around it and then glue your pom poms to each piece of string.
To finish off the mobile, tie more strings to the hoop to connect at the top and tie a knot. After I took one last piece of twine and tied it to the top of the knot and then to a pin to tack to the ceiling.
Pom pom baby mobile
Now you have a super cute baby mobile that you can customize to the colors and gender of your baby.
What a sweet, perfect little mobile! I've falled head over heels for grey, so the pink and grey is just adorable! Thanks, Emily!

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