Thursday, March 13, 2014

Crafting for Baby - Softy Giraffe from My Farm Life Diary

Today we've got Tamara from My Farm Life Diary here today showing us how to make this cute little giraffe. 

I'm guest posting over at Someday Crafts as part of their Crafting for Baby series.
This softy giraffe is a quick and easy toy to create to take along to a baby shower as a sweet gift.

You can create your own giraffe using the template above (Note: seam allowance not included).
You'll need fabric, various coloured ribbons, stuffing, sewing machine and thread.

Cut 2 giraffes from complementary fabrics. Turn the template over for the second piece.
Pin various lengths of ribbon loops facing inwards on the right side of the fabric along his neck for the mane and 1 piece for the tail.

Place the fabric right sides together and sew together (I double back over the ribbons to secure them firmly into place) leaving a large enough gap to turn right side out and stuff.
Fill the giraffe with stuffing and hand stitch the opening closed.

If you can't bear to part with him, whip up another one or two.
Wrap in tissue paper with a big ribbon and an Incomparable heart pendant - the perfect finishing touch.

Optional: You can sew a patch of minky fabric or corduroy onto the body pieces before stitching together to add an extra tactile element for baby.
What a cute little thing! I love the idea for adding textured fabric! Thanks Tamara!
If you've missed any of the previous days in our Crafting for Baby series, you can easily catch up. You can also check out the Crafting for Baby Link Party!


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