Monday, April 7, 2014

12 Tooth Fairy Ideas

Our oldest boy just got his first loose tooth yesterday. It's so exciting, but so sad at the same time. I mean, his *baby* teeth are falling out!! Anyway, I hadn't even thought about tooth fairy stuff yet, so I was scouring the web finding lots of cute ideas - and I thought I'd share them with my fellow crafters!

Emergency Tooth Fairy Kit | Hellobee
Tooth Fairy Box | Spoonful
Official Tooth Chart | Moms and Munchkins
Tooth Fairy Receipt | Schoolgirl Style
Tooth Fairy Pocket | Heartmade
Tooth Fairy Invoice | How Does She

Tooth Fairy Certificate | Mom and More
Tooth Fairy Receipt | A Typical English Home
Glitter Money | The Southern Institute
Tooth Fairy Pouches | The Purl Bee
Glittered Letter | Spoonful
Altered Tooth Fairy Tin | Fantastink

What do you do for the lost teeth in your home? I'd love to hear your ideas. Feel free to add the link into the comments!


  1. Here is what I did for my son recently:

  2. Your ideas for tooth fairy is really awesome. I liked DIY work and crafts like this. I would also like to do some stuff like this. But never get chance to do so. :)


    - Denturist


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