Monday, April 14, 2014

Guest Blogger - Easter Angel Craft from Christianity Cove

Today, we have Mary here from Christianity Cove with a great little craft to help the kiddos remember the meaning behind Easter. What a sweet idea!
“Angel Who Rolled the Stone Away” Paperweight Easter Craft

The most important part of Easter is that Jesus arose! This craft will help childrenkeep in their hearts the image of the angel who met the people at the tomb to give them the good news!
§ Large garden stones, perhaps the size of a baseball, 1 for each child
Note: If stones aren’t feasible, similar sized lumps of play dough can be used, 1 for each child

§ Small-sized coffee filters, 2 for each child

§ Cotton balls, 2 for each child

§ Toothpicks, 2 for each child

§ Thin gold ribbon, 12” for each child

§ Yellow pipe cleaners, 2 for each child

§ Pencil

§ Markers

§ White play dough (even if you’re using real rocks) 1 small clump for each child, the size of a large marble

1. If you pick rocks from your garden or a nearby pond, scrub them well so as not to fear getting Easter outfits soiled.

Instructions for students
1. Take one of the coffee filters and spread it out on the table.

2. Place the two cotton balls in the center.

3. Gather the filter fabric around the cotton balls and gather firmly beneath to make the angel’s head.

4. Tie the gold ribbon in a bow around the angel’s neck, then flounce out the filter skirt beneath.

5. Insert one toothpick under the skirt up into the cotton balls through the neck, then the second tooth pick. Spread them slightly like little legs.

6. To create the wings, fold the second coffee filter in half. Then pinch it in the middle. Wrap around the pinch the first piece of yellow pipe cleaner, leaving the ends the same length. Leave them dangling for now.

7. To create the halo, take the second piece of pipe cleaner and form one end into a circle around your pinky finger. Let the rest run straight down your finger to create an extension on which you can attach it to the angel’s neck.

8. Push the extension edge of the pipe cleaner down through the gold ribbon until the halo rests on the angel’s head.

9. There should be a 3-inch piece of straight pipe cleaner now sticking down into the angel’s dress.

10.Use the extension piece to wrap around the wings and keep them in place behind the angel.

11.To keep the bottom ends of the pipe cleaner from looking disorderly, wrap them around a pencil so they make circles like curling ribbon.

12.Write on the rock HE IS NOT HERE; HE IS RISEN.

13. Roll the small clump of play dough into the rock and stick it firmly on top.

14.Plant the little angel’s toothpick feet firmly into the play dough, and spread the skirt out around the rock.

Give the little angel to Mom or Dad as a paperweight!

Mary Kate Warner

Mary-Kate is a regular blogger at Christianity Cove (  You can often find her writing about Christian Parenting, Homeschool Teaching, Bible Study and Sunday School Activities, Faith and inspiring children to love God.  Follow her at @SundaySchoolGal  Facebook  Google+Pinterest
Thanks, Mary! Mary also has a Mom Challenge going on to help encourage her readers (and herself) to be a more effective and Christ-like parent. What a neat idea! Go check out her blog!

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