Monday, September 22, 2014

How to Make Homemade Vanilla

HowToMakeVanilla How to Make Homemade Vanilla

Imitation vanilla (aka vanillin) is full of chemicals made to mimic the flavor of real vanilla. I've stopped buying imitation vanilla, but it can be so expensive. I'd love to take it one step further and start making my own! Saving with Shellie has some great information about doing just that.

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  1. In Germany, we usually use vanilla sugar instead of liquid vanilla.
    You can just put one sliced open vanilla into 4 cups of white sugar and put it in a tight closing container.
    It will be ready to use in about a week and the best part:
    when the sugar is empty, just pour new sugar over the vanilla, and use it again!
    it will work several times.


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