Monday, December 29, 2014

Adorable Knotted Baby Hats


One thing is perfectly clear with my children. They have big 'ol noggins! My youngest, who was 11 weeks early (so who is almost 1 year actually, but about 9.5 months adjusted), always falls within the 90-95th percentile for head circumference when they compare him to children his actual age (so other 1-year-olds, in this case). In fact, I ordered him a hat for Christmas and bought the 12-24 month size. I'll be lucky if it lasts him through the rest of this winter! So, I don't expect this next little peanut to be any different. Since she's going to be a winter baby, she's definitely going to need some hats. I might just do what Plucky's Second Thought did and make some so that I KNOW they'll fit.

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