Saturday, January 17, 2015

Baby Girl Nursery Inspiration

I've never (and probably will never) create one of those serene, picturesque nurseries for my kiddos that are pinned all over Pinterest. With my first, he had his own room, but we didn't have the budget for much besides some plastic drawers (as a dresser) and a hand me down shelf. We're in a bigger  apartment now, and before the twins came along, one room was my craft/storage room. I wasn't quite ready to give it up as a craft room, but I did downsize the craft part of it so that we could fit baby stuff in there too. I did a few DIY things for Emmett's room, but it still didn't turn out like anything on Pinterest. Now that number three is coming along, she'll be in our room in a bassinette for a while, then the two boys will share a room and she'll move into the baby part of the craft room. I haven't officially started on any d├ęcor that will go in her room once we make the switch, but I have been looking for ideas. So here are a few of my favorites...


I love these Ruffle Lanterns from Simply Abby. They would be so cute hanging in the corner near the bookshelf that I'm planning to use as a dresser.

I'm also drooling over this adorable rag rug that was posted over at Craftaholics Anonymous. So many color and size options available!

Finding Silver Linings has a great tutorial for making your own crib canopy. I love that it's so simple and cheap to make.

I think the idea of having a pennant banner hanging up in the room is so cute! Petite Lemon has an easy way to make one.

I'm absolutely in love with the idea of turning an ordinary bookshelf into some extra closet space. The closet in the baby's room is super small, and we need all the storage space we can get. (Not sure on the original source, but I found this featured on Darling Stuff and Project Nursery)

I don't have room for much else in the room. It's pretty small and I don't want to overwhelm the space, though there are so many things I would absolutely love to do. What are your favorite ideas for nurseries?

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