Sunday, May 23, 2010

Ladders as Decor

I've been seeing many ladders being used as decor these days and
I have to say that it!
You must visit this post at Funky Junk Interiors and see all the ways she uses ladders in her home. Donna is an AMAZINGLY talented decorator!!!
This all is a link party - so scroll to the bottom to see more uses of ladders as decor around blogland. After this, I know you will be looking around for ladders to use in your homes! GO HERE.

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  1. The ladders are so cool! Donna is so creative! Thanks for your sweet comment Michelle!

  2. I am using part of an old ladder in the boy's bathroom to hang towels on. I LOVE old ladders!

  3. I love the ladders as decoration. Mine would have to be up high though or my daughter would climb and pull everything down. :)

  4. I'm using an old ladder as an herb garden! Gonna put a bunch of herbs in different pots and put them on the steps.

  5. Woa... thanks for featuring this, Michelle! Ladder lover here big time.

    I'm off to add you to my feature page. :) xo



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