Thursday, February 24, 2011

Thrifty Seeker!

Everybody loves a deal. When you go shopping, who wants to pay full price for anything? Not me! We want to pay as little as we can. It's called being "thrifty."
I wanted to introduce you to a new group deals website that will be launching soon (probably in the next week), that will help your dollar stretch as far as possible. It is called Thrifty Seeker!

Thifty Seeker will offer daily deals from national companies who are willing to pass on unbelievable prices to you. OR maybe we should say ridiculously low prices since the discounts will be between 50%-90%. Birthdays and Christmas just got sweeter!!!

Some of the items you can look forward to seeing on Thrifty Seekers include: Scrapbooking supplies, Baby Gifts, Baby & Children clothing, canvas prints, Custom Vinyl Graphics, Glass art, Eco Friendly Products, jewelery and more.

Thrifty Seeker is starting things off right by offering their first deal FREE. Who can beat that offer? The best part is the free deal is for



These decals are perfect for organizing your home and labeling almost anything you want!!! Drawers, storage bins, pantry items, boxes, etc can now have a fancy chalkboard label!


All you have to do to get these chalkboard decals FREE is to either

"Friend" Thrifty Seeker on Facebook


subscribe to their email list.

When Thrifty Seeker is launched, you will either see a post or receive an email directing you to the FREE deal! Sounds easy!


So sign up today in whatever way works for you to start saving money on items you want and love! Thanks Thrifty Seeker for being one of my new best shopping tools.

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  1. cool thanks for sharing! just subscribed to their email list


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