Friday, February 11, 2011

Welcome to my Gender Reveal Party!!!



Today is the "big day." The Gender Reveal Party for my new baby!!!

Today, I will give you some info about my past two pregnancies and this pregnancy so you can make an informed decision when casting your guess!

I will also show the prizes available for the winners.

At the bottom, you can link up your blog to the corresponding gender, get a little free promotion of your blog and visit with other guests.

Tomorrow (Saturday), I will announce the winners and their corresponding prizes. I will also announce the gender of my new little baby!!!

Background information:
1. First pregnancy - GIRL, 2nd sickest pregnancy

2. Second pregnancy - BOY, best pregnancy of the three, though I was still sick.

3. THIRD Pregnancy - ? - By far, the worst pregnancy. Sicker than sick!!!

Subway sandwiches (because of the fresh veggies, yellow peppers, and onions)

Foods I had a hard time with
Anything with ground beef cooked at home
Things that were not prepared fresh

My Family's Guesses:
Me - Girl
Husband - Boy
Daughter - Girl
Son - Boy

Ok, that's the info I have to help you determine your guess. Next, scroll through the businesses/blogs who are offering prizes to see what you have the chance to win if you guess the gender correctly and are picked randomly from the winning gender team!

Flamingo Toes Design is offering a $25 Store Credit to one lucky person.
"Flamingo Toes Designs is a place for fun whimsical items for you and your home!" Patterns, jewelry and more! Visit the Flamingo Toes blog too.

Green Skunk Deodorant is giving away one bottle of deodorant, choice of scent, to TWO lucky winners!

Green Skunk Deodorant is an all natural spray on underarm deodorant. Made of only ethyl alcohol and essential oils and plant extracts, it is made near Austin Texas by Russ and Jeannie. It is our own formula, developed as a result of allergies to commercially available deodorants, and has been tested in the Texas heat and humidity for years. It really works!

Aunt Lolo's Crafts is giving away a set of vinyl frosted glass man and woman silhouettes (just like the ones in Ballard Design for $49 each) to one person. To buy the vinyl to make these, visit her Etsy shop.

Peek-A-Boo Patterns is sharing any two patterns to two different people. Cute patterns baby shoes and more! See the Naptime Crafters blog for more crafting inspiration.


The Inner Hooker will be donating TWO patterns of your choice to THREE lucky winners. So many cute patterns from which to choose!


I will be giving away one FREE month of advertising on my sidebar to one lucky winner!!

Lastly, at every party you socialize with the guests around you. I'd love to see that happen here too. Now is the part where you get to advertise your blog! Treat this next part like it is a link party! Have you ever wondered who else reads this blog? I have!!!

So link your button, your picture or something from your blog below the gender you are predicting. Write your name and the name of your blog below the picture you insert. ie; Michelle@somedaycrafts. Visit the other guests' blogs and say hi! Sounds like fun. If you don't have a blog, just leave a comment with your email and prediction.

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  1. Oh, Michelle, how exciting! And what a cute idea for a linky party! I voted BOY! I have two boys and a girl and it is fab. Also, I wasn't sick at all with my first two (boy, then girl) and then my 3rd pregnancy was trauma-ridden and it was a boy. So who knows? Anyway, I know your baby will be precious and loved either way. Best wishes to all of you!

  2. This is so much fun! Thank you for hosting this! We voted team girl! Either way Babies are always fun!

  3. This is so much fun! I wish I had done a gender reveal party for Noah...if we have another I most definately will. I think you're having a girl. Congrats, either way!

  4. I'm guessing girl--I was sick with both, but way sicker with my girl. Congrats!

  5. This is too fun! I'm thinking a girl! :) I think it's cute that the boys in your home think it's a boy, and the girls think it's a girl! :) Too cute!

  6. Oh what a fun party! Hope you are feeling better soon!

  7. This is so fun Michelle! I don't know how I missed that you were giving out prizes, I totally would have donated! I guess I'll just have to send something cute to you when your baby comes. So I'm hoping for a girl, that stuff is way more fun to make. ;)

  8. SOOOO fun. I love this idea and am totally going to do something like this for a reveal! love love LOVE it!

  9. This is so exciting, thanks for letting us in on the fun of guessing! My first instinct, before I read your clues, was that it's a girl. Then after I read your hints I thought it has to be a boy, ya know because babies love to do the opposite of what you'd expect! I decided to guess girl in the end. Can't wait to hear what it is. :)

  10. I'm thinking girl. No rhyme or reason, just a guess :)

  11. I was sick with my boy so I chose boy! Good luck and hope it gets better!

  12. I'm guessing girl, for sure!! Excited to find out either way, though!! Congratulations, again.


  13. I am guessing girl!! Your children are beautful!

    mi3ragamuffins at aol dot com

  14. What a fun idea! I'm definitely guessing girl - it fits in with my non-scientific pregnancy theories. :)

  15. This comment has been removed by the author.

  16. Most definitely a girl! Who else could be so much trouble?

    (@ From This Day Forward)

  17. I'm sticking with team girl!! :D

    elisegeorgoussis at gmail dot com


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