Wednesday, September 7, 2011

5 Great ideas!

Another great week of link-ups! I can't highlight them all so here are just a few!

Bring on the glitter! Queen of Iwasagonna glammed up some 2x4 with orange glitter to make some rockstar glitter pumpkins!

Why didn't I think of this simple idea? My son will not wear any type of tie if it clips inside his shirt! Love City basically attaches a safety pin to the tie and the shirt! This would totally work with my son (and probably yours)!

I love this idea from seven thirty three - A Creative Blog for the first day of school pictures. So fun!

Just Sew Sassy created a belt of felt flowers for the fall! It's gorgeous! (It would look cute as a headband too!)

Eating My Candy has found another thing you can spray paint - your shirt! I love her technique for spray painting a shirt!

See more links to the Whatever Goes Wednesday Party.


  1. Thanks so much for featuring my felt flower belt! Lots of fun projects to pin for later:)

  2. Thanks for featuring my pumpkins! You make me feel so special!


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