Sunday, March 4, 2012

Fold Out Wall Table!!!!! (Super cool!)

I'm diggin' this idea!   It another genius space saver!   Bubblewrapp'd made a table that folds out from the wall and has some storage capacity.   When she doesn't need it, she puts it back on the wall and it looks like a cute frame!  AWESOME!!!  You need to see this post.

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  1. Pinned that for myself so I don't forget about it. Great space saving idea.


  2. This is an absolutely AWESOME idea!

    Lesli @

  3. Amazing storage idea! Great for small spaces..

  4. oh that's a great idea! We have been thinking of making me one of those, but I think we figured something else out. My craft room is small (8ft by 9ft), so we have to be creative. That setup is awesome though!


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