Sunday, March 4, 2012

Large Paper Bag Flowers

If brown paper packages look super cute, then these LARGE brown paper flowers should look as adorable too!  Ma Nouvelle Mode made them from paper grocery sacks and hung them from the  ceiling.  Totally cute!

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  1. these are super cool! too bad the grocery store stopped using them, then we'd have an endless "free" supply. I don't know of a store in our area that even has them any more. wish they did!
    thanks for sharing the link.

  2. Such creative people all around, aren't there! I think these are adorable!

    Lesli @

  3. Cute. I'd love to see how she displayed them...
    Fun tutorial.

  4. You are really amazing with crafts! This is very lovely, rustic and stylish. Not to mention eco-friendly decors!

  5. This craft is amazing and wonderful. I like your post. Its very easy and great method to make at home. its look very nice.


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