Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Beadboard, Oh How I Swoon!!!

I love mudrooms and I also love beadboard. Put those together and you get two great projects!!
This first one is from Happy Day
They had some weird little nook in their house and didn't know what to do with it, and along comes The Shabby Nest. She had done something very similar in their house, check that out HERE!!
Both of these ladies make me want to knock some walls out of my house, too bad it is a rental!!! Check them both out HERE and HERE!!!
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  1. I'm with ya, Michelle - I LOVE white beadboard. We have it all around our 1930's house......in the bathroom, in the dining room and in our kitchen (we even did our backsplash in beadboard)!!

  2. These ARE awesome! I LOVE them both!

  3. so cute!!! what great ideas. I have a small phone nook in our old old house and it would be fun to do a little project like this, oh no! my husband may not like that I saw this one. :)

  4. Ladies I am soooo jealous!! I have no where to make this!! You guys are so lucky to have somewhere to do this too!!! All I can hear from in my head right now is "Lucky!" from Napoleon Dynamite! Hahaha!! It must be late I am quoting that movie, off to bed!!


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